Our industry experience:

Consumer Packaged Goods.

We help clients deal/overcome challenges in the Manufacturing and Retail sectors. ​

  • CPG Manufacturers face multiple challenges throughout their supply chains. From demand planning to last-mile logistics. In Mexico, there is the need for differentiated practices to serve the traditional channel (Mom & Pops) and the modern channel. Disintermediation (Direct Online Sales) is also a priority among a vast number of companies in this sector.

  • Digital Transformation in CPG oftentimes calls for solutions like: Digital Supply Chain Management, Customer Experience Optimization, Omnichannel Strategy, Sales Force Management and, Business Process Orchestration.

  • COVID-19 has forced Brick & Mortar Retail players to rethink their business models and to accelerate the implementation/evolution of their Online Sales capabilities. Aside from a mere need for survival, there is opportunity to improve profitability by optimizing Real Estate, Store Operations, Merchandising, Replenishment and, Home Delivery.

Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment.

Pursuing/managing masive subscription acquisitions though different channels (e.g., stores, call center, web, kiosks, etc.) while effectively processing backoffice operations for credit scoring and fraud prevention is a continuous challenge in the industry. Doing it right, doing it fast and doing it at an optimal cost is crucial in a highly competitive market.​

On the other hand, retaining the existing base of subscriptors calls for understanding and anticipating customer preference, lifetime value and customer retention cost. Very important as well is to be able to spot in a timely matter atypical behaviors that may result in customer churn. This valuable information along with a well defined strategy for retention, allows organizations to make the more educated decisions on the course of action that best suits customers and the company.

How to make a difference in Triple/Quadruple Play sector where the competition is ferocious? Creating new Revenue Streams while getting to better know your customers. These are some of the relevant business challenges IXNEC Digital & Management Consulting helps their clients to overcome.

Financial Services

Banks and Insurance companies alike, seek to offer the best digital channels for customers to acquire and manage their financial products and services. Some of the challenges they face include: ​

  • Achieving an efficient integration between transactional systems (legacies) and the newest technologies for Customer Experience, Advanced Analytics and, Omnichannel capabilities.

  • Migrating their databases to No-SQL technology and data streaming tools in order to be able to process and analyze in real time concurrent Terabytes flowing through a myriad of digital channels.

  • Taking advantage of Chatbot/Virtual Agent capabilities in order to reduce costs and to create a superior customer experience.

  • Incorporating Artificial Intelligence to analize and recommend customized products or services; to prevent fraud and; to be able to manage complex inquiries/requests through digital channels 7x24.

  • Automating backoffice processes in order to increase productivity and to reduce costs.